About therapy

I work with the belief that we each have the capacity to address the difficulties that arise in our lives, however sometimes we can get a bit stuck, that is when it is useful to be able to get the help you need.

We can all, at times, experience feelings that are painful, distressing, or even confusing, and on occasions such feelings can be difficult to manage alone. Therapy is a protected space which offers the opportunity for you to be listened to and to talk about the things that matter to you. Together we can explore the issues and feelings that you bring and are of concern to you.

Therapy is a distinctive place where we build a relationship together, uniquely the focus of attention is on the support that you need. There is an opportunity to increase awareness of your self and your relationships, it can be challenging, but also enormously rewarding.

What happens next? If you are interested ring, text or email me – contact details are at the bottom of the page – so that we can arrange to meet. If after meeting you want to work with me you will be charged for the session, if not no payment is necessary